The Admiral casino network has introduced the most advanced registration system for players in the Czech Republic

Paradise Casino Admiral, a.s. it has the most advanced system for registering players, which we can find in the Czech Republic. The system operates on a fingerprint basis, and since January 1, 2018, when it was launched, nearly 300,000 registrations have taken place.

As required by Act 186/2016 Coll. From January 1, 2018, all casinos and all casinos in the Czech Republic had to start registering all players whose funds were put into play by one operator and protected by so-called player accounts. Admiral’s casino and gaming network is the only one on the Czech market to establish its system for identifying a player using a fingerprint.

Only numerical data

How does it work? The player identifies with a fingerprint that flips into the number hashtag in the system. There is no need to have any biometric database, everything is stored in numbers. The player has the advantage of not having to carry an RFID chip card, which is used by all other operators on the Czech market. However, the system also allows the use of an RFID chip card for casino visitors who cannot use the fingerprint system.

The launch of the registration system was a huge change for casino visitors, which was not very welcome at first. An average of 20,000 visitors a week registered in the first months of the week, making the casino entry queues reaching up to the parking lot. It was also difficult to explain the new rules of Czech legislation for casino personnel.

Advantages for players prevail

But players gradually got used to the registration system and now they can appreciate its benefits. The new system also allows measures to protect the player. In practice, this means setting for a particular user, where everyone can choose the rules and restrictions for their game and have fun even more safely. For example, the player shows how much money he has already deposited and how much he has lost or won throughout the game.

The purpose of the casino game must not be to win, but to have fun – and the new system undoubtedly helps.