Successful start for Casino Leadership Forum series

Good results come from good leadership. Based on this premise, the managers from the European Data Project – the CR part of Novomatic Group – have devised a plan to organize quarterly Casino Leadership Symposiums. Supervised by a seasoned project manager, marketing and public relations expert Helena Janković, two events have taken place so far.

“Our intention was to establish new platform for sharing best practices, building mutual relationships and deepening the collaboration among casino´s management working for Admiral in the CR,” says Helena Janković.

The first Casino Leadership Symposium for the Novomatic Group casinos in the Czech Republic was held on the 18th of December 2018. The list of speakers included, for example, Philipp Nossek, head of Admiral´s operations in the Czech Republic, and Walter Grillberger, a project manager at EDP with long experience in managing operations of an international casino network.

Philipp Nossek, Walter Grillberger and Helena Janković constituted the symposium´s organizational team with Helena in charge of the overall management. The agenda focused on practical issues every casino manager deals with: workplace relationships and international coworkers, improvements in the control of live games or casino gastronomy. The first forum was also dedicated to explaining the importance of this new communication platform to Admiral´s staff and a discussion on future key topics.

“We talked about various topics concerning every casino´s manager, for example staff trainings, burn-out syndrome prevention, motivational factors, communication with guests, recruitment challenges, live game trends, optimization of our gastronomy offers and many others. It became apparent that all the themes concerned all of us, and that this communication platform I called a Casino Leadership Symposium would be useful and needed,” says Helena Janković.

The success of the first symposium already laid foundations for organizing the next one. Thus, the second Casino Leadership Symposium was held on 12th March 2019. Following up on commitments made at the first event, the participants quickly dived into the essentials of a daily casino business. The main idea of the second session was based on the claim: “Leader’s attitude helps determine attitude of the followers”. Addressing the topic of a key importance attracted all the participants.

The organizers attempted at motivating the participants to use their work experience and skills to educate and support their staff. “Following higher principles and thus confirming one´s own leadership is a message we wanted to convey to Admiral Managers. Every leader needs to walk the talk and practice what (s)he preaches,” Helena Janković explained.

Providing exceptional technical service in casinos was made a centerpiece of the second symposium. Representatives Sonja Nemeček, Tomáš Absolon and Pavel Moudrý delivered presentations on coordination of casino operations, technical service and a casino operations IT department. They also pointed at the limits of the technical background of the company and their possible solutions.

A big surprise and the icing on the cake was the introduction of the new Admiral label ‘Admirable Places’. “The idea behind Admirable Places creation is to bring the casinos closer to a broader spectrum of Admiral workforce. Admirable Places are all those exceptional Admiral Casinos we are so much proud of,” Helena Janković said. “And any future symposium will feature two of Admirable Places,” she added.

With a positive feedback by its participants, both events have shown that the employees are enthusiastic to talk with each other openly and cooperate effectively.

The next symposium will provide space for further discussions on the development of the company.